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Cartoon Network unveils 'New Generations 2012'

Posted on Dec 05, 08:07PM | UNI

Turner Broadcasting System Inc's leading kids entertainment channel, Cartoon Network today unveiled its 11th edition of 'New Generations 2012' study.

It reveals kids' perspectives across segments such as media habits, economic slowdown, social consciousness, usage of computers,internet, mobile devices and gaming, responsiveness to advertising, importance of academincs versus extra-curricular activities, etc.

The study also interviewed parents to add more perspective and value to truly understanding the lifestyle of Indian families.

Krishna Desai, Content Director of South Asia, Turner International, told mediapersons that the channel with its exquisite history and various original series showcased by them via various modes at the launch of Cartoon Network New Generartions 2012 Study.

The usefulness and advanced understanding of the New Generation study was also discussed.

With respect to the television habits of kids, cartoon remains the preference of kids across age groups. It also mentioned that this year, 3 in 5 parents watch TV together with their kids everyday.

Another peculiar finding was that a majority of kids use the internet at other places than their homes.

One in 10 kids have their own mobile phone where gaming and making calls are the two most popular activities.

Only 37 percent of kids tend to save from their pocket money. Apart from that, 53 percent kids receive gift money with an average being Rs. 799 in 2012. they continue to influence household decisions of purchase when it comes to white goods.

Almost all kids take tuitions with a growing trend in all subjects. Older kids have a tendency to participate more in extra-curricular activities than younger kids with painting and dancing as top preferences in all age groups.

When it comes to idolising icons, Salman Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Katrina Kaif and Chhota Bheem enjoy utmost popularity.