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Switzerland can help India fill 'Skill Gap'

Posted on Dec 05, 07:47PM | UNI

The ambassador of Switzerland to India, Dr Linus Von Castelmur has observed that India produces large number of quality engineers, top management professionals and also possesses a huge pool of workers at the bottom level, but the country lacks good 'mid-level skilled workers'.

Mentioning that Switzerland is strong in technical education and vocational training, he said his country would like to collaborate with India to help the country bridge its 'skill gap at the middle level' which forms the backbone of industry.

"You need basic vocational and technical education to produce qualified craftsmen. Switzerland is a small country with only 8 million people, but has a very strong technological base. Switzerland has never neglected the aspect of providing basic vocational education to its people," he said at a function here last evening.

The ambassador said some of some of the Swiss schools are already co-operating with Indian schools in providing expertise in technical/vocational education.