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Punjab extends major relief to rice millers

Posted on Dec 05, 07:43PM | UNI

The Punjab Government today extended a major relief to the rice millers in the state by deciding to slash the limit of monthly power charges used by millers during milling season. The government has allowed the millers to pay for 100 KW per month during milling season instead of previously fixed payment for 330 KW per month for the whole year, which would provide direct benefit to more than 3900 millers in the state.

An official spokesman said now the millers could monthly deposit the charges for 100 kilowatt, which was approximately Rs 3.50 lakh for the nine months of the milling period at the rate of Rs 40,000 per month.

He said that if the power consumption of any miller would be less than Rs 3.5 lakh in nine months, he would also have to deposit the fixed Rs 3.5 lakh. If the consumption of any miller would cross Rs 3.5 lakh, they would also pay for the extra power used by them.

He said if any miller used the quota of power before nine months, they would pay the bill for the extra usage of power.