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Goa: Jailed serial killer calls his victim

Posted on Dec 05, 05:53PM | IBNS

Jail guards in Goa's largest prison Central Jail Aguada are likely to face government wrath for smuggling mobile phone to notorious serial killer Mahanand Naik, who is currently serving jail term for murder and rape. The lone surviving rape victim, whose crucial deposition put him behind bars, has claimed that he has been calling her frequently from the jail and flooding her cell inbox with 'love' text messages. "I am fed up of his constant calls and messages. He threatens I cannot marry anyone and that he will marry me after he's out of jail. He is confident of getting acquittal from the High Court," the victim told this reporter. Nicknamed as 'duppatta (stole) killer', Mahanand, in his 40s, has appealed against his convictions in the Goa bench of Bombay High Court. He though has a series of seven acquittals out of a total 17 cases of rape, murder, and burglary against him. The 26-year-old was raped by Mahanand, father of a five-year-old daughter, over a period of four years until she finally gathered courage and lodged a police complaint against him in 2009. "I don't understand from whom he got my office mobile number. I cannot change the number. He has been harassing me on my office landline also," she said adding she is seeking a legal opinion to file a fresh complaint against the criminal. The prosecution has claimed that Mahanand put to death 16 women over a span of one-and-a-half decade beginning from 1994, before he was finally arrested after the rape complaint. His modus operandi was to lure young unmarried girls with a bait of marriage.

The 'unsuspecting' girls would fall prey to his convincing talks and elope with him but he would strangulate them with their own duppatta and flee with their jewelries.

The Prison Department has launched an inquiry to find out how Mahanand had access to the mobile phone and to whom it actually belongs.