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Cafe Coffee Day outlet observes World Disability Day

Posted on Dec 04, 10:05AM | IANS

A Cafe Coffee Day outlet in south Delhi's Malviya Nagar observed World Disability Day by organising a discussion on personal experiences of the differently-abled and experts from NGOs.

Manoj Kumar, who runs an NGO and has only 25-30 percent vision since birth, said: "Banks, hotels, etc are still inaccessible. ATM cards are not issued for the visually impaired as the banks feel there are high chances of them being lost," he added.

Siddharth Gautam, who is deaf and dumb, said schools need to have sign-language trained teachers.

Shobha Sachdev, of the organising NGO Trinayani, said: "It is important to create awareness on disability. The beauty of the day is grief yet celebration as it collides with the Bhopal gas tragedy day, in which many people became disabled."