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Miley Cyrus hates male strippers

Posted on Dec 03, 06:44PM | IANS

Singer-actress Miley Cyrus was left embarrassed after a group of male strippers surprised her during her appearance on the "Ellen DeGeneres show".

"I had never seen a guy stripper before that show. One of them was cute, but typically, it's the one you don't want sitting on your face that does. Gross," contactmusic.com quoted Cyrus, 20, as saying.

She was so embarrassed by her encounter with the strippers that she planned to tell fiance Liam Hemsworth not to watch her interview, but he got to know, thanks to the social media.

"I was going to tell Liam, 'Don't watch 'Ellen...'(show) tomorrow. Someone's butt was on my nose,' but I came home and he said 'So everyone was tweeting pictures of you with strippers...'," she added.