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Concept of human rights differs from state to state: Justice Koshy

Posted on Dec 03, 02:17PM | UNI

The concept and priorities of human rights differs from state to state in India, Kerala State Human Rights Commission (KSHRC) chairperson Justice J B Koshy has said.

'Fights for Rights are entirely different from state to state. In a society, its socio economic standards and literacy rate determines the rights people required,' he says.

The seminar was organised by the Department of Economics, University College, with the support of National Human Rights Commission. 'It is a shame that our girl children are getting more and more insecure in a society where literacy and development are at peak,' he observed.

Even if Kerala is far better in security of girl a child than other states, one cannot just sit back and relax,' he said.

'Police, whom we believe will safeguard Human Rights, is under pressure from every side and cannot take any firm action. The widening influence of the social media is the last ray of hope,' he pointed out.

Dr. Sudarshan Kumar Jain (Research officer, National Human Rights Commission, Delhi), Dr. T Varghese (Director General, Institute of Parliamentary Affairs) Dr. V Thankamony (Former Prof and Head, Dept. of Biotechnology, Kerala University) Dr V Surendran Nair (Head, Dept of Economics, University College) were also present.