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Crocodile snatches away boy in Australia

Posted on Dec 02, 10:33PM | IANS

A 12-year-old boy was taken away by a crocodile while he was swimming in Australia's tropical Northern Territory.

Teams of police and rangers continued hunting for the youngster Sunday but they privately feared that the boy was beyond help, Daily Mail reported.

The boy, believed to be from an Aboriginal outpost near Port Bradshaw, 400 miles east of Darwin, was attacked by a crocodile as he swam with a group of people in a quiet lagoon.

"Initial reports suggest adults within the group tried to save the boy by spearing the animal, but the crocodile dragged the child out to deeper water," said police Superintendent Michael White.

White said officers from an Aboriginal police station were remaining at the scene and would resume the search for the boy the next day.

Saltwater crocodiles, which can grow up to 25 feet and weigh over a tonne, are found in large numbers in the Northern Territory.