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Majority of Chinese admit jumping red lights

Posted on Dec 02, 10:03PM | IANS

A majority of Chinese - around 67 percent - say they have violated a basic traffic rule, jumping red lights, according to a government-led survey.

The survey by the traffic management division under the ministry of public security and the China Youth Daily said 67 percent of 10,682 participants admitted to running red lights.

As to the reason for such violation, 63 percent said they were following what others did and 40 percent believed they would never be punished for their actions.

At the same time, 72 percent said such violation was "the worst behaviour" on the road.

The survey was conducted ahead of China's first national day for road safety, which falls Sunday - Dec 2, that can also be written as 122, the telephone number for reporting traffic accidents in China.

The ministry said running red lights caused 4,227 road accidents in China, and killed at least 798 people in the first 10 months of 2012.

Around 93 percent of respondents in the survey acknowledged that traffic lights should be followed, while only 80 percent said they fully understand the signals.

Nearly 60 percent of the participants had a driving license.

Till the end of October, China has 238 million vehicles and 256 million drivers.