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HIV incidence comes down by 40pc : expert

Posted on Dec 01, 11:57AM | UNI

The incidence of HIV has come down by 40 per cent during last two years and especially among the newborns the infections rate reduced drastically.

Speaking at a press conference here today Dr Vadrevu Ravi, an expert in HIV/AIDS cases counseling and treatment and a member of the AIDS awareness Group (AAG) which is doing a pioneering job in treating the infected people for the past one and half decade, said it was made possible due to the new drugs on one side and the multipronged awareness campaign launched on the other.

The antiretroviral (ART) therapy has emerged as a powerful force for saving lives.

During last two years the number of people accessing treatment has increased by 63 percent globally. A number of ART centers and sub centers set up in government hospitals and elsewhere are making available the therapy to the infected people. It has resulted in saving valuable lives and also prevented the infection among the new born children which is a great achievement.

The mortality rate has considerably come down and the longevity of life has increased by a maximum of 25 years of all the infected due to the ART therapy, he added.