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Bio-medical waste mgt plant in every Panchayat in Kerala

Posted on Dec 01, 10:02AM | UNI

The Kerala Pollution Control Board is mulling setting up of at least one bio-medical waste management plant in every district in the state.

According to board sources today said that 20 per cent of waste generated in hospitals are infectious and awareness is needed for effective management and disposal.

Government hospitals were way behind in doing this, even as private hospitals are doing their bit in managing harmful and infectious waste generated.

Though 95 per cent of private-run hospitals successfully undertake the management of biomedical waste, the lack of will has come as a bane in the effective management of bio medical waste in government hospitals.

The Government was also seriously considering the issue of phasing out the mercury. The disposal of CFL lamps that eject mercury has to be considered in a very serious manner.

The seminar was organised by Toxics Link, New Delhi, and the Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) here. The issue of phasing out of mercury also needs major awareness programmes and training has to be imparted to people involved in waste management, it said.

A Parliamentary Committee had also found that Kerala isn't adopting any effective system for medical waste management. A seminar on 'Issues and Challenges in Managing Biomedical Waste and the Phasing out of Mercury from the Healthcare Sector of Kerala' was also organised recently to discuss the issue.