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Briton survives hit on head by speeding train

Posted on Nov 29, 09:59PM | IANS

A British man had a miraculous escape when he was hit on the head by a train going at 110 km an hour but survived with just a neck whiplash injury and swelling.

Stephen Wright was standing on the edge of the railway platform, when he felt nauseous and did not spot the train speeding towards him, the Telegraph reported.

As he leant over, he felt a bang on his head from the packed commuter train, which was not scheduled to stop at the station.

His two sons -- seven and five years of age -- whom he had collected from school, were standing behind him on the platform at Goodmayes station in Essex when he was struck last week.

Bleeding from the mouth, the man managed to stagger across the platform with his sons and board a waiting train to Stratford.

Police searched the tracks for his body after an alarm was raised, and the line was closed for two hours.

But Wright, a warehouse clerk from Upton Park in east London, survived.

Recalling the incident, he said: "I felt the biggest bang in my head and I screamed out and grabbed my head. I thought I could fall down. My son was so scared and I had to be strong."

"My aunt said that God was rolling with me and she's right. There's no way I should be here," he said.

He underwent two brain scans at a hospital, and was told he was okay.

This was not the first time Wright had cheated death. At the age of 15 months, he fell five storeys from a tower block in Hackney, east London, and survived with hardly a scratch.