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Sachin Tyagi to play Raavan

Posted on Nov 29, 02:13PM | IBNS

His intense, smoldering eyes reeked of evil and sent chills down the producer's spine during the auditions. His steely demeanor and diabolical quality made him an instant click for the part of Raavan in Zee TV's Ramayan.

Yes, actor Sachin Tyagi, has bagged the coveted role of India's biggest mythological villain that several prominent actors were vying for.

Noted for his convincing performances across several primetime soaps, Tyagi is also a talented singer who has won a number of singing reality shows and hosted a dance reality show.

Before he came in to audition for the role, he was amongst the least likely candidates to play Raavan simply because of his track record of playing light-hearted, positive roles.

But, his audition is said to have displayed the actor's versatility and caught everyone off-guard!

Speaking of his new role of Raavan, Tyagi said, "I am honored on being selected for playing Raavan despite playing mostly positive roles. It speaks volumes of the confidence the Sagars have shown in me based on just my auditions.

"I would go to any lengths to live up to the faith they have in me. It's the role of a lifetime and I intend to give it my all. It will be my endeavour to bring alive Raavan on screen in a manner that leaves a strong imprint of fear and contempt in the minds of the audience."

So what are his preparations for such an iconic role?

"For now, it is mostly a lot of work on my physicality. As a model and actor, I have a physique that abides by contemporary aesthetic norms of gym training," said Tyagi.

"While Raavan was, without a doubt, a well-built warrior, he cannot be seen with chiseled abs. So I am beefing up a little and increasing muscle mass to achieve that larger-than-life look rather than a modern lean and toned look.

"Also, since I have not been a part of a mythological show before, I am watching a lot of episodes of such shows to get a keener perspective on the body language, the vocabulary and the style of emoting," he said.

"I have had a couple of sittings with the costume and make up teams. With the elaborate costumes and the minute attention to detail, it certainly looks like we'll spend a good deal of time on sets daily, just getting the look right!" said the actor.