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Man convicted of hammering nail onto pig's head

Posted on Nov 28, 09:47PM | IANS

A Briton has been convicted of animal cruelty charges after he inhumanely slaughtered a pig. He first said he hammered a nail through the pig's head but later told a court he had slit its throat.

An officer from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) found Ricky Clarkson, 48, cutting up the animal on a table in the front yard of his house in May this year, the Daily Mail reported.

The man initially said he killed the pig by hammering a nail through its head but later changed his story and told a court he had slit its throat.

When RSPCA officers returned with a search warrant, they found parcels of pig meat stored in a freezer, the remnants of a carcass in a recycling bin and several knives in a shed.

Clarkson, from Bradmore Way, south London, said he was unaware of laws stipulating that pigs should be shot with a stun gun prior to being killed.

The man had shot kangaroos in the past.

Magistrates found him guilty and banned him from owning pigs, sheep or chickens for a year.