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1 in 5 Russians ready to trade sex to get dream jobs : Poll

Posted on Nov 28, 08:35PM | UNI

One in five Russians are ready to trade sex for their dream jobs, though men are markedly more willing than women, RIA Novosti reported today quoting a poll.

Sixty-five per cent of potential employees refused to treat sex with a headhunter or a HR specialist as a legitimate way of landing a position they are interested in, Rabota.mail.ru job aggregator said.

But 15 per cent would "if they liked the headhunter," the website said last Thursday, citing a poll of 3,360 employed Russians, Bfm.ru reported. Another 6 per cent replied with a "why not." Among male respondents, 29 per cent are willing to seek employment through the bedroom, according to the poll, which did not specify a margin of error.

Only 9 per cent of females polled saw it fit to trade sex for employment, and most required the headhunter to be attractive, the report said.

State officials turned out to be the most promiscuous employee category, with 17 per cent agreeing to sleep with a headhunter - more than the jobless, only 11 per cent of whom were willing to seek a job through sex.

The figure stood at 9 per cent of people in engineering jobs and 4 per cent for managers. No electricians, carpenters, sales clerks or private guards would have sex to get a dream job, the poll said.

Four per cent of the respondents said they had the experience of flirting - though not sleeping - their way into a job.

Another 4 per cent said they wanted to sleep with recruiters to get a job, but never dared to make the first move.