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China seeks compromises to resolve border dispute with India

Posted on Nov 28, 07:44PM | UNI

China wants India to come halfway in resolving the border dispute between the two countries, it was announced here today.

Describing the existing border with India as a "headache" and a legacy of the British, a very senior functionary of the Chinese Communist party Li Jun Ru who led a high-level delegation to New Delhi, said that both the countries should make compromises.

"The problem was left by the British and since then we have had some unfortunate incidents, but now we should try to turn a new page," Mr Li told reporters here.

Mr Li is the former vice president of the Central Party School of Communist Party of China(CPC), and member of the Standing Committee of CPCC National Committee.

Mr Li said he was happy that both the Governments were now engaged in negotiations to resolve the border issue, and called for making compromises to achieve this goal.

The Chinese leader, however, said that the existing dispute would not hinder the process of normalisation of ties in other spheres.

The high-level Chinese delegation had come here on a mission to brief India's political parities, people's representatives, academics and scholars about the changes taking place in the Chinese society and polity, and about the decisions of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party held this month during which the transition of power took place in the country.

Replying to a question on the Chinese "aggressiveness in the South China sea, Mr Li said his country had no such design in the region and would not use force.

"We do not put pressure on other. It is others who have put pressure on us,' he added.

He said there was no problem in the South China sea till oil and gas reserves were discovered, but after that everybody jumped in to lay claim on the waters.