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Fund problem for non-feature filmmakers: Chander

Posted on Nov 28, 07:29PM | UNI

Nirmal Chander, Director of 'Dreaming Taj Mahal,' today said non-feature and documentary filmmakers are grappling with the problem of financing their films.

Mr Chander told reporters at the media centre of the 43rd International Film Festival of India that the government should step in to help documentary filmmakers so that meaningful cinema and documentaries are made more in numbers.

He has been working as an editor and associate director for more than a decade and made his directorial debut in 2008 with an hour-long documentary on a performance group called 'Sidi Gama'. The film, 'All the World's a Stage', travelled to several international festivals. 'Dreaming Taj Mahal' is his second venture.

The protagonist of 'Dreaming Taj Mahal', Haidar is a taxi driver by profession. He dreams of going to India to see the Taj Mahal. The only problem is that he lives in Pakistan.

This film seeks to see how Haidar's dream can be given a voice, and "what it means for all of us, bound by political boundaries, yet set free by our dreams of one world".

Chander revealed that he created the protagonist while shooting Indo-Pak Cricket series in Pakistan. 'Dreaming Taj Mahal' is based on a real life taxi driver, he added.

The Director of the Malayalam film 'Ozhimuri' (Indian Panorama) Madhupal and actors Lal and Mallika also spoke about the film at the briefing.. This film is set in Thiruvitamcode, which was once part of Travancore State that became Tamil Nadu after independence.

The narrative deals with the lives of Nairs, who traditionally followed matrilineal system. By the 1940s, with the enactment of new laws, women lost all their erstwhile rights and powers.