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Panch Bishem festival attracts one lakh pilgrims in Kangra

Posted on Nov 28, 07:22PM | UNI

One lakh pilgrims from different parts of the country and outside visited the ancient Jayanti Mata temple in this temple town of Kangra, during the five days of Panch Bishem festival, which concluded today on the occasion of Kartik Poornamashi.

Thousands of devotees queued up on the steep hillock track from 0300 hrs this morning to have a darshan of the Goddess, which continued till evening.

The festival, which started on Kartik Eakadashi on November 24 and concluded today, is celebrated as marriage of Tulsi and Saligram.

It is also celebrated to remember the great warrior and Guru of the Pandvas, Guru Bishampetamaha of Mahabharata.

The famous Kangra Fort is located on one side of the Manji river and on another side on top of the hill is situated the historic temple of Mata Jayanti.

People from all walks of life visit the shrine, as well as pilgrims from Nepal, who consider the Goddess as their 'Kul Devi'.

The Nepalis bring newborn babies and newly-wedded couples here to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

During these five days, devotees keep both Tulsi and Saligram for worship in their homes and celebrate their marriage on the concluding day with bhajan and kirtan. Women also lit lamps in their houses on the occasion. Sisters visit their brothers' home to perform tilak.

Police and civil authorities had made elaborate arrangements for the pilgrimage.