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Woman,granddaughter trampled to death by Dalma elephant

Posted on Nov 28, 11:27AM | UNI

An old Lodha woman and her two-year-old granddaughter were trampled to death by a Dalma bull elephant, one of the 105-member Jumbo-sized marauding pachyderm herd that strayed from Jharkhand's wildlife sanctuary and sneaked into Odisha's Mayurbhanj district.

Although the incident took place on Sunday night, Rasgovindpur Forest Range Officer Batakruishna Padi confirmed the news today.

The Lodha woman has been identified as Phulamani Naik while her granddaughter as Sania Naik. The deceased had left the Tiansi Lodha Colony and were staying in a mud-plastered thatched house in the neighbourhood of her village when the elephant trampled them to death.

This is the first casualty by the Dalma elephant herd during its nearly two-week long rampage of vast areas of khariff crop land.

Last year too, the Dalma herd had strayed into Mayurbhanj district and claimed two tribal lives besides causing extensive damage to khariff paddy and banana orchards,forest sources said.

Latest report indicated that the Jumbo herd from Dalma had shifted from Rasgovindpur Range to Betnoti Range. Since the herd was getting enough food and fodder in close vicinity, the duration of their stay will likely be for a longer period, forest officials said.