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Modi first OBC leader to become Gujarat Chief Minister

Posted on Nov 28, 10:49AM | UNI

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is the first leader from the OBC community to adorn the top political post in the state since it came into existence in 1960.

The state has been ruled by 14 chief ministers since it came into existence. Majority of chief ministers were Brahmins (4), followed by Bania and Patels (3 each). There were two Kshatriya and a tribal chief minister.

Politically powerful Patels community has bagged a lion's share in the candidate lists of all major political parties including BJP, Congress and GPP.

First chief minister of the state Dr Jivraj Mehta (Congress) was a Bania. Apart from him, Chhabildas Mehta (Congress) and Dilip Parikh (RJP) were Banias.

Balwantrai Mehta, Hitendra Desai, Ghanshyam Oza (all Congress) and Suresh Mehta (BJP) were Brahmins.

Chimanbhai Patel, Babubhai Patel (both Congress) and Keshubhai Patel (BJP) belonged to politially powerful Patel community.

Madhavsinh Solanki (Congress) and Shankersinh Vaghela (RJP) were Kshatriyas.

Amarsinh Chuadhari (Congress) was a tribal chief minister.

Three major protaganists of state assembly election this time belonged to RSS at some point of their political career. They include, Shankersinh Vaghela, Congress election committee chairman, Keshubhai Patel, who has floated a new political party GPP, and Mr Modi.