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Aged women convicts move court over rejection of mercy plea

Posted on Nov 28, 10:45AM | UNI

Two women convicts in Maharashtra, aged 80 and 90, have filed an appeal in the Bombay High Court against the order of Maharashtra Governor K Sankaranarayanan rejecting their plea for premature release from prison on account of old age.

The appeal, filed today, will come up for hearing before a division bench in its due course.

The state government had recently informed the court that the plea of two women convicts seeking premature release from Kolhapur prison on account of old age had been rejected by the Governor.

Being aggrieved, the duo filed an appeal in the High Court.

The court had earlier asked the state to urgently consider the plea of the women seeking premature release from prison.

"We are of the view that a grave urgency is involved in the petition considering their age and condition," a bench had observed.

Eighty-year-old Hausa Koli, convicted for murdering her daughter-in-law for dowry, has spent over 17 years in jail.

She had pleaded for premature release saying her daughter and grandson were keen to take her home.

The health report of Koli, prepared by medical officer of Kolhapur prison, recommended her release on the ground that she suffered from illness due to old age and that she may not live long.

Another 90-year-old convict Champa Kamble has pleaded for release to spend the rest of her life with her near and dear ones.

Both convicts wrote letters to the High Court from Kolhapur jail, where they are serving their sentence, urging for release.