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Inflation shadow on 'donkey fair'

Posted on Nov 28, 10:43AM | UNI

Soaring inflation has its impact on the famous 'donkey fair' held in this ancient temple town every year with high prices being quoted for donkeys and horses.

Hundreds of donkeys, horses and ponies have been brought here for sale at the four-day 'donkey fair' -- being organised by the Municipal Corporation -- that got underway on November 24.

Sellers and buyers from adjoining states like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan have been reaching in the traditional fair organised at the end of Kartik month on the bank of the holy Kshipra River.

The price of most animals being sold at fair range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000. However, old and weak donkeys were being sold at around Rs 7,500. A few horses are being sold at Rs one lakh.