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Camera auctioned for USD 2.2 mn

Posted on Nov 27, 03:16PM | IANS

A Leica M3D camera, owned by Life magazine photographer David Douglas Duncan, was auctioned in Austria for record 1.68 million euros (over USD 2.182 million), British Journal of Photography reported.

The initial price of the lot at the WestLicht Photographica Auction in Vienna stood at 150,000 euros (almost USD 195,000) and climbed to 1.68 million euros, becoming the most expensive camera from a serial production to be ever sold.

The camera is also the second most expensive to be sold following an exclusive Leica o-Series camera that was sold at the same auction in May this year for 2.16 million euros (over USD 2.805 million).

Photojournalist Duncan, 96, is known for his works during the Korean and Vietnamese wars. He was also a friend of painter Pablo Picasso, who let only Duncan take photographs of his paintings.