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Joseph inaugurates Theatre Festival

Posted on Nov 26, 10:20PM | UNI

Minister for Rural Development and Planning K C Joseph has said the theatre field in the state is facing criisis for a quite some time and many of the drama troops have closed due to the crisis so far.

While inaugurating the week-long 12th National Theatre Festival, organised by Information and PRD Department here, Mr Joseph said the theatres helped to campaign the ideolgies, social renaissance and political development in past years and the people accepted these ways to theatres in their mind.

The government would protect theatres and would encourage the existance of theatres, he added.

The schemes by the Kerala Sangeeta Nadaka Academy will be in pipe line to arrange insurance protection and pension scheme to the theatre artists and the government was also planning to provide financial assistance to the professional theatres, he added.

He also assured all help from the government side to the theatres.

A procession was also organised as part of the theatre festival at Kannur.

This is for the first time that Kannur was hosting the theatre festival which would conclude on December 1. As many as 20 select plays, including those from Jammu Kashmir, Bengal, Bihar and Manipur would be performed at four venues.

Workshop, films and seminars would be held as part of the event.