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"Imported good cheaper than domestic ones "

Posted on Nov 26, 06:19PM | IBNS

Imported goods are always cheaper than their domestic counterparts, said Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Dr. D. Purandeswari.

"Import of any good presupposes that its domestic price is higher than foreign price. Hence, invariably imported goods will be cheaper than their domestic counterparts," said the minister in the Lok Sabha on Monday.

Purandeswari said the government have policies in place to ensure that interest of both domestic consumer and domestic producer of such goods are not severely jeopardized.

"To protect the consumers, quality/safety standards applicable to domestic goods are made equally applicable to imported goods. To protect the domestic producers, Trade Defense Measures like Anti-dumping and Safeguard measures are available to the domestic industry to seek relief against unfair trade practices by exporters of goods from other countries."

The minister said in case of electrical goods, safety is ensured through Electrical Wires, Cables, Appliances and Protection Devices and Accessories (Quality Control) Order, 2003.

"Import of fireworks (crackers) is restricted and subject to licensing under Import Policy," said Purandeswari.