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Darjeeling tea mark registered as PGI

Posted on Nov 26, 06:19PM | IBNS

The 'Darjeeling' tea mark has been registered as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), by the European Commission.

This information was given by Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Dr. D. Purandeswari in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha on Monday.

To implement the PGI registration for Darjeeling in letter and spirit and towards this end a Joint Communique was released which covers the following:

(i) Both European Tea Committee (ETC) and Tea Board, India jointly support the PGI registration in respect of Darjeeling Tea with the European Union (EU);

(ii) Both ETC and Tea Board jointly agreed that they would co-operate and work together in disseminating information about the PGI registration and its implication in local language in Germany and other tea consuming countries within the EU;

(iii) Tea Board of India and ETC would jointly approach EU for any financial assistance to take necessary steps towards informing EU consumers and citizens about Darjeeling PGI and its implications;

(iv) If there is any information with Tea Board of India about infringement or violation of the PGI registration in the EU, the same would be shared with the ETC for any remedial action;

(v) Both ETC and Tea Board, India would evolve a joint working relationship to implement the PGI registration for Darjeeling in letter and spirit.