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Woman dies after reaction to hair dye

Posted on Nov 26, 09:59AM | IANS

A British woman who went into coma after a reaction to hair dye has died after a year.

Julie McCabe, a 38-year-old estate agent from West Yorkshire town, fell ill in October 2011 after using a dye with which she regularly coloured her hair, The Sun reported.

The woman suffered a heart failure, struggled for breath and became unconsciousness. Her family blamed paraphenylenediamine, a chemical found in hair colour.

The woman was put on a 24-hour care on a life-support machine.

She left behind her 45-year-old husband, and two children aged 21 and 16.

McCabe had never suffered a reaction before, and the daily said no link was proven between the hair dye and her death.

Her family has now called for paraphenylenediamine to be banned from home dye kits.

In 2000, a 38-year-old Indian-origin woman from Birmingham, Narinder Devi, died after an allergic reaction to hair dye.