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Katie Price made Leandro Penna watch Alex Reid's sex tape

Posted on Nov 23, 09:31PM | IANS

Argentine model Leandro Penna says Katie Price made him watch a sex tape that she had made with her ex-husband Alex Reid.

Penna, who was engaged to Price for six months before parting ways in October this year, even saw Reid dressed as his alter-ego Roxanne in the tape, reports thesun.co.uk.

"When we first met in LA, Katie told me she'd been stupid to marry Alex so quickly after they'd met. A while later, she showed me a home video of them together," Reveal magazine quoted Penna as saying.

"At first she was embarrassed, but Katie said she wanted to show me how weird he was. What I saw was something I'll never forget in my whole life. Alex was dressed up like a woman. He had suspenders, a bra, make-up and false eyelashes," he added.

Price was married to Reid for a year before ending it in 2011.