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Scientist falls into trap of lottery winner fraud: Mandi SP

Posted on Nov 23, 05:57PM | UNI

An agriculture research scientist of Seio Bagh, district Kullu, fell into the trap of a UK based internet lottery scammer last week when he received an unsolicited email that he was the winner of a large sum of money in an international lottery, Mandi SP Abhishaik Dullar said today.

Beguiled by the tempting winner notice scientist H S Bhatia, was deceived into believing that the luck had at last smiled on him. He told police that he was told by the fraudulent company that the lottery amount of five lakh pounds would be delivered to him by Mr Duglus. He also received an email from Mr Duglus that the said amount would be given to him at Royal Bank Scotland in Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Another email was received from the same company by Mr Bhatia intimating him by Mrs Phillip and Mr Burki that he will have to open a bank account in the Royal Bank New Delhi in the name of the company and deposit some amount for the exchange of currency.

He accordingly deposited a sum of Rs 40 lakh in the bank account.

The company maintained grim silence after this and no email about delivery of the lottery amount was received by Mr Bhatia.

He was shocked and stunned to realise that he had been deceived by the fraudulent company of UK.

He rushed to Delhi to know abut his lottery amount, but only disappointment greeted him.

Despite repeated warnings to the general public, many people had become prey to the fake international lottery scams in many parts of the state including Mandi and Kulu districts of Himachal Pradesh. It has been advised never to accept a call from anyone claiming to be a lottery official.