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ORJA to launch campaign for an alternative political system

Posted on Nov 23, 05:56PM | UNI

Odisha Jana Rajaniti Abhijan (OJRA), a newly formed organisation comprising several small organisations and parties today announced to launch a state-wide public awareness campaign to cleanse the 'corporate-controlled fully corrupt political system' and appeal to people to find an alternative.

Abhijan member and eminent social activist Rabi Das said the campaign would be launched sometime in January or February during which the members would try to convince the people about present day politics being controlled by corporate houses, capitalists and muscle power.

Political parties were framing policy to suit the interest of the corporate houses and big multinational companies, he alleged.

'In the eyes of the common people, politics had already denigrated into a detestable business of a few people.

'Under the circumstance the welfare of the people and the intersts of the state has been pushed back,' he said.

The objective and policies of all major political parties during the last few years were proved to be anti people and corrupt, he further added.

He said in the name of rapid industrialisation the livelihood of thousands of people and the agriculture system of the state was being destroyed.

Farmers of the state were not getting right price for their produce,he said, adding production cost was rising due to the faulty policy of the government. There was no plan for creating permanent employment opportunties in villages.

Mr Das said under these circumstances there was a need for an alternative politics and an alternative delopment policy.

Both Mr Das and Mr Lingaraj, another member of the Abhijan, said in the 2014 election the party would support candidates who believe in the ideology of the Abhjan and try to bring a change.