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Directors from Cinema world section meet Media

Posted on Nov 23, 04:59PM | UNI

Three Directors from Cinema World section, here for the ongoing 43rd International Film Festival of India, (IFFI) today had an interaction with the Media and shared their views on films.

Kim Nguyen, Director of 'War Witch', said the movie was filmed in Congo last year. It took 7-8 years to write. It is not a true story but a combination of many true incidents transformed into a story.

Somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, in a small isolated village, Komona, a twelve-year-old girl, lived peacefully with her parents until the day the rebels came. They captured Komona and forced her to commit an irreparable act: slay her parents. During a battle waged against the government's army, only Komona is spared. The rebels' chief sees this as a sign and declare she is the new sorceress. She is soon brought to Great Tiger, the supreme leader of all the rebels, who makes her his war witch.

War Witch is a life lesson, a story of human resilience.

Mr Evgeny Ruman, Director of Igor and The Cranes' Journey, a movie from Israel said that the story of the film somewhere relates to his own life when he was an 11-year-old. An estranged father and son are brought together by a young crane named Karl as they trace a family of birds on their migratory journey from Russia to Africa. Igar's mother decides for both of them to migrate from Russia to Israel.

Joanna Lombardi Pollarolo, Director of In House said that it is a film about relations among women of different generations.

"I kept the movie slow because it was important for the film to convey certain things beyond actions".

Pilar, almost 81, shares her quiet house situated in a provincial part of Peru with Consuelo, Milagros and Tuna. The daily routine in this household, revolves around insignificant events. But things are about to change. Patricia, one of Pilar's daughters, calls to say that she will be arriving with her daughter, her daughter's husband and her granddaughter in tow.

Pilar immediately starts to worry. The household routine is forced to change and its members adapt to these strangers who have invaded their space.