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Coal handling rises at Paradip port in Oct

Posted on Nov 23, 04:58PM | UNI

Coal handling at Odisha's Paradip port in October rose by 17.03 per cent to 2,448,272 tonne, compared to 2,092,083 tonne in September, India Coal Market Watch (ICMW) quoted a senior Paradip port official as saying.

Out of the total coal handled at Paradip port in October, domestic thermal coal accounted for 961,505 tonne while the handling of imported thermal coal and imported coking coal stood at 1,234,382 tonne and 252,385 tonne respectively.

Coal handling in October 2012 also rose by 28.93 per cent as compared to 1,898,989 tonne handled in October 2011, the official added.

During the first seven months of the current financial year, the port has handled a total of 13,819,342 tons of coal while during the corresponding period of the previous financial year, the figure stood at 12,746,727 tonne.