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TTD conducts Traimasika Metlotsavam

Posted on Nov 23, 04:56PM | UNI

A large number of Dasa devotees today trekked up the Tirumala footpath as part of the 'Thraimasika Metlotsavam' conducted by the TTD's Dasa Sahitya Project.

The devotees, who gathered at Alipiri at 0400 hrs participated in the hour-long preliminary rituals performed.

Over 2,500 devotees, who came from different parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and other places, later walked up the steps singing compositions of the Kannada Dasas in praise of Sri Venkateswara.

TTD Joint Executive Officer (Tirumala) K S Sreenivasa Raju and Dasa Sahitya Project coordinator P R Ananda Theerthacharya were also present.