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Singapore-bound dolphin dies on flight

Posted on Nov 23, 08:16AM | IANS

One of the dolphins bound for Singapore's Marine Life Park from the Philippines died Thursday on board a plane, Xinhua reported.

The male dolphin named Wen Wen, estimated to be 10 years old, died less than an hour before the plane could land in Singapore, according to Channel NewsAsia.

There were 11 dolphins on the three-hour flight from the Philippines, where they were kept for training.

The Marine Life Park said there were two marine mammal veterinarians and eight marine mammal specialists accompanying and monitoring the dolphins, who were given thorough medical examinations and were deemed healthy before the move.

Another 14 dolphins were transported earlier this week to the Marine Life Park, which has one of the world's largest oceanaria, large seawater aquarium in which marine animals are kept, that is home to 100,000 marine animals.