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Intel Xeon solutions bring significant business and IT benefits

Posted on Nov 22, 09:28PM | UNI

The growing popularity of Intel Xeon based servers allows organisations migrate from their expensive legacy UNIX/RISC infrastructure to the lower cost commodity, a company official claimed Speaking to reporters here today, Nick Knupffer, Marketing Director for Intel Datacentre Group A-PAC and PRC, said Intel Xeon had proven to bring significant business and IT benefits for those who migrated to this infrastructure.

'They have experienced better performance, reliability, lower capital and operational costs and greater flexibility,' he said.

He said although careful assessment and planning is important to ensure a successful outcome, migration to Intel Xeon E7 processor-based infrastructure offers a foundation for layering advanced cloud functionality and tends to cost less than upgrading existing UNIX/RISC environments.

'Businesses that have updated their systems have successfully run mission critical workloads, embraced cloud computing and prepared for big data analytics to be used within their businesses,' he added.

According to MR Samit Khare, General Manager and Head - IT business solutions of Fullerton India, 'Though moving from RISC architecture to Intel platform provided a saving of about 45 per cent, the bigger advantage is the easy availability of skill sets around the Intel Platform'.

He said the support environment and the knowledge base available enhances the overall usage experience of the Intel platform and allows for easy maintainability.