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Recalling revolutionaries' sacrifice similar to pilgrimages

Posted on Nov 22, 09:27PM | UNI

Remembering the sacrifice of revolutionaries -- who laid their lives in the service of nation -- is similar to the visit to religious pilgrimages.

"A man undertakes religious pilgrimages with the objective of improving his life. However, remembering revolutionaries completes all pilgrimages," said Haryana-based Professor Harindra Shrivastava while delivering a lecture on the contribution of revolutionaries in freedom struggle as a part of All India Goodwill Lecture Series organised in the memory of Padma Bhushan Shiv Mangal Suman here yesterday.

He said he visited Andaman and Nicobar Islands -- where revolutionaries were incarcerated and tortured -- five times.

Prof Shrivastava said he pledged during childhood that he will write for revolutionaries who had sacrificed their life for the nation. He had always stayed away from temples and mosques as well as from all kinds of rituals.

Pointing out that he works 12-14 hours everyday, he said it involved analysing events taking place in society and penning his observations. His struggle is directed towards the nation for which several revolutionaries made extraordinary contribution.

He underlined the need for speaking about revolutionaries before children to keep the spirit of freedom gained from immense struggle alive.