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Bill to curb illegal mining introduced in Lok Sabha amid din

Posted on Nov 22, 08:38PM | UNI

The Government today introduced the Coal Mines (Conservation and Development) Amendment Bill, 2012, which seeks to repeal the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957 in the Lok Sabha amid din.

The Bill, seeking to curb illegal mining, was introduced in the Lower House after it re-assembled after an adjournment at 1200 hrs.

The Bill provides for a simple and transparent mechanism for grant of mining lease or prospecting licence through competitive bidding in areas of known mineralisation and on the basis of first-in-time in areas where mineralisation is not known.

It enables the mining holders to adopt the advanced and sophisticated technologies for exploration of deep-seated and concealed mineral deposits, especially of metals in short supply through a new mineral concession.

The Bill also enables the Central Government to promote scientific mineral development through Mining Plans and Mine Closure Plans enforced by a central technical agency namely the Indian Bureau of Mines, as well as the Regulatory Authorities and Tribunals.

It empowers the State Governments to cancel the existing concessions or debar a person from obtaining concession in future for preventing the illegal and irregular mining.

The Bill also empowers the Central Government and State Governments to levy and collect cess.