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Anandalok hosts celebrity adda

Posted on Nov 22, 02:48PM | IBNS

Bengali film magazine Anandalok on Wednesday arranged an interactive session here between handpicked readers and celebrities who had either won the 'Anandalok Puroshkar' in the past or are a part of the current year's nomination.

Present at the occasion were Tollywood director Raj Chakraborty; director Aneek Dutta, nominated as best director for 'Bhooter Bhobishyot'; singer Anupam Roy, winner of special jury award and nominated as best music director for the film 'Hemlock Society'; 'Muktodhara' famed actor Nigel Akkara and TV actor Tilottama Dutta.

Speaking on his nomination in the best director category, Aneek Dutta said, "Had I been the judge, I wouldn't have awarded high marks to my film. When I watch the film now, I feel embarrassed about many of it's parts. It happens with every director."

Raj Chakraborty who is the winner of best film director for the last 4 consecutive years, did not receive a nomination this time.

"I don't deserve a nomination this year. Awards are not important. I am a part of the Anandalok Puroshkar, which is more significant for me," said Chakraborty.

Nigel Akkara said, "No expectations at all. Feels great that I have been nominated with such talented people. I have won even without receiving the award because my name has been written with such important people."

Anupam Roy said, "I had received the award before I was fully aware of Anandalok Puroshkar last year."

The celebrities had a panel discussion on Bengali film industry, its creative spaces and target audience.

Chakraborty, who makes more of commercially viable films, said, "Cinema will be truly pioneering with experimentation, but it has to dealt simple as well as entertaining for masses and keeping target audience in mind, and also the cinema hall conditions need to be improved."

Dutta added, "I am fortunate to start when the audience are willing to give a chance to the directors."

"Entertainment is subjective. For me the target is myself. With that I just hope and pray that some people will also watch the film," he said.

Roy noted,"Every artist has his/her own style. Since, I write the lyrics for my songs, people tend to identify my work and I want that as well. But diversification is required in music, which depends on the film content."

"I experiment on areas that are remote to me but at the same time I have my own taste and don't venture into areas that I don't like," added the singer.

The panel also answered to the ever-edgy dissatisfaction among aspiring actors for not being able to make it in the industry.

"I was convicted as a criminal and was detained in jail for 9 years. My life seemed to be in a dark tunnel with no end. If I can get a chance to be called a celebrity and share the stage with such people, why can't you? If there is will, there is a way," retorted Akkara.

Dutta said, "I choose my my actors based on the characters or roles, and not depending on stardom."

The Anandalok Puroshkar 2012 is slated to be held on Nov 27.