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Distress Alert Transmitter provided to marine fishermen

Posted on Nov 21, 10:46PM | UNI

Marine Fishery Department has provided Distress Alert Transmitters(DAT) to the trawler owners of Paradip fishing harbour in coastal Jagatsinghpur district in a bid to strengthen security in Odisha coast from the intruders and to help the fishermen fishing in deep sea to communicate during exigency.

DAT, a low cost and user friendly satellite based solution, was developed by ISRO to enable focused Search And Rescue (SAR) efforts on High Seas.

Assistant Director of Fishery (Marine), Kujang, Subrat Das, said as many as 168 DATs were provided to the trawler owners operating at Paradip Fishing Harbour at a function recently.

Mr Das said the department had planned to provide 600 more DATAs to fishermen fishing in deep sea soon.

Coast Guard DIG K P S Raghuvanshi said the fishertalk could use the sophisticated electronic device, to send SOS messages from sea to the Maritime Rescue Center (MRC) of Chennai through the toll free Distress Alert Transmitters at the time of emergency.

After receiving the message the MRC will immediately inform the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers (MRCC) of Cost Guard located at Paradeep, Visakapatanam , Haladia, Kakinada, Paondichery and the other MRCC and Coast Guard centres.

The nearest centre would respond by using helicopters or speedy boats to reach the exact location to rescue the distress fishermen or take action against any intruders, Mr Raghuvanshi said.

Fishermen were told to keep a close watch on suspicious vessels and the activities of crew members and to inform the coast Guard by using the DAT.

The Coast Guard personnel last year had provided 45 DATs to certain selected fishermen in four coastal districts of the state.