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Terror attack on Polish president foiled

Posted on Nov 21, 10:28AM | IANS

Poland's law enforcement agencies foiled a terrorist attack against President Bronislaw Komorowski and top government organs earlier this month, officials have revealed.

Investigators say a resident of the southern city of Krakow was plotting to attack "the Constitutional organs" of Poland during the Nov 11 Independence Day celebrations, in which Komorowski was taking part.

"He was preparing an explosion that would have targeted the lives of many people," a Polish prosecutors' spokesman told RMF FM radio station.

A criminal case over the planned attack was opened Nov 5. The suspect travelled several times from Krakow to Warsaw to study the route of the Independence Day procession, according to the radio report.

The targets also included the government and parliament, government spokesman Pawel Gras told TOK FM radio.