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Blackmailer jailed for fake collar bomb threat

Posted on Nov 21, 09:36AM | IANS

A man has been awarded 10 years in jail for subjecting an Australian teenager to 12 hours of trauma by attaching a fake collar bomb around her neck.

Judge Peter Zahra, while jailing Paul Douglas Peters, said in the New South Wales Supreme Court that the terror the 18-year-old would have felt "cannot be described", Daily Times reported.

Wearing a rainbow-coloured ski mask, Peters, now 52, broke into her family's home in the wealthy Sydney suburb of Mosman last Aug and strapped a black metal box around Madeleine's neck with a bicycle chain.

A note attached to the device - which was finally found to be a hoax - was an extortion threat aimed against her parents, along with a warning that the box contained sophisticated plastic explosives.