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Hollywood action director James Bomalick's firm launched

Posted on Nov 19, 10:11PM | UNI

Renowned Karate guru Sanjay Gokal has launched a firm Actiontek India, in collaboration with Hollywood master and action director James Bomalick here.

Bomalick was involved in designing stunts and action sequences of Die Hard V (yet to be released), Cloud Atlas, Mission Impossible, Bourne Supremacy, The Mummy and others.

Based in Mumbai, Actiontek will cater to Bollywood.

Bollywood producer and action director Chitah Yagnesh Shetty will run Actiontek's operations in Mumba.

Actor Rahul Roy was present at the launch held yesterday.

Bomalick had already designed thrilling sequences in Bollywood film 'Blue', which had Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt among others.