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China calls for restraint, ceasefire in Gaza

Posted on Nov 19, 07:11PM | IANS

China has appealed to Israel and other parties in the ongoing Gaza Strip conflict to exercise restraint and expressed grave concern over Israel's military action being carried out since last Wednesday, Xinhua reported.

"We strongly urge all parties, Israel in particular, to show maximum restraint, reach an immediate ceasefire, and avoid taking any actions to escalate the situation," said Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying during a daily news briefing Monday.

China has expressed grave concern over the large-scale military action taken by Israel in the Gaza Strip, Hua said, adding that China condemns the violence that has caused civilian casualties.

Hua said China supported the Arab states' just stance on Palestinian issues, and appreciated and backed efforts by Egypt and other regional countries as well as the League of Arab States to ease current tensions.

Newly launched Israeli air strikes killed three more Palestinians in the Gaza Strip Monday, taking the toll to 91 on the sixth day of the ongoing conflict.