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Mobile enables youth to escape from wild dogs attack

Posted on Nov 17, 10:26PM | UNI

Mobile saved a 21-year-old youth's 'life as it were' when he was attacked by a pack of wild dogs at Vellangiri hills area in Tamil Nadu about 30-km from here.

According to forest officials, the youth, who was in panic when the wild dogs were snapping at his heels, got timely help from his friends and forest officials through his cellphone.

The youth, G Sidaharth, had gone to the hills for trekking on his birthday, forest officials said today.

The youth who went for trekking with some of his friends fell behind and when he reached second hill about five-km from foot of hills saw some pack of wild dogs who attacked him.

However, showing presence of mind the youth contacted his friends on his mobile. One of them then informed the police control room who in turn alerted the forest officials.

The forest officials then got in touch with the youth and told him how to escape from the wild dogs. The youth then returned to the base of the hills, sources said.