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Need for systemic support for young entrepreneurship

Posted on Nov 17, 10:22PM | UNI

Pannar Industries Limited Executie Chairman Nrupender Rao today pointed out that the system must protect the young and energetic entrepreneurs by making the required changes in the economic and legal dimensions.

Participating at a one-day entrepreneurship conclave focusing on entrepreneurship in India, organized by Yi Hyderabad Chapter and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Andhra Pradesh here Mr Mr said 'If an entrepreneur fails in his first venture, he must be able to try his new ideas and ventures', he said.

Mr Rao shared his experience as an entrepreneur and emphasized on the need for positive thinking and perseverance for any business to succeed and sustain.

'The present age is so fast that an entrepreneur must be always watchful to sustain ones business', he said.

Mr Rao expressed the need for having dreams and holding on those dreams, which is a fundamental requirement for any entrepreneur. 'To take your dreams forward you must have self confidence, without which you cannot be a successful entrepreneur', he said.

Mr Rao also emphasized on the need for encouraging dalit entrepreneurship and appreciated CII's efforts in this regard.

'Entrepreneurship is still restricted to select communities in India and there is a need to encourage young people from other communities also to become entrepreneurs."