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"Niyat " vital for progress: Pervez Musharraf

Posted on Nov 17, 11:23AM | IBNS

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf said on Saturday that India had to play a greater role in uniting South Asia.

Speaking at the HT Leadership Summit, Musharraf said the efforts should come from the "bigger and the stronger", which in this case, is India.

Stressing on the importance of "niyat", which he described roughly as sincere intention, the former President said both India and Pakistan should work together to solve their issues.

"Compromise and accommodation should come from the bigger and the stronger," he said, adding that people interpreted it negatively if it came from the "smaller and weaker".

He said the South Asia could move forward smoothly only with India and Pakistan solving their mutual problems.

Speaking on Kashmir, Musharraf said both the countries should work together to solve the Kashmir issue.

He suggested demilitarization of the area, giving the local people maximum self-governance and making the LOC irrelevant by opening up a number of routes to better the situation in Kashmir.