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Jennie Garth to cook early Thanksgiving treat for kids

Posted on Nov 16, 06:39PM | IANS

Actress Jennie Garth will be spending this Thanksgiving without her three children as they will be with their father and her estranged husband Peter Facinell. Hence, she will cook an early treat for them.

Garth and Facinelly parted ways in March this year and have split custody of their three daughters Luca Bella, 15, Lola Ray, 10 and Fiona Eve, 6.

As per their deal, while Garth gets to celebrate Christmas with the daughters, Thansgiving will be Facinelly's chance to bond with them.

However, she is cooking an early Thanksgiving meal for them, reports dailystar.co.uk.

"We're gonna do our Thanksgiving (with the girls) on Saturday. I'm gonna make a whole meal, have them go shopping with me and help me bake everything," said Garth.

"This is my first shared holiday. Their dad and I are hammering out the details of that, which is weird. They're actually gonna be with him for Thanksgiving and I'm going to be with some friends, and then I get to have them for Christmas," she added.

Thanksgiving falls Nov 22.