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Principled politics is important: Suu Kyi

Posted on Nov 16, 11:55AM | IBNS

Myanmar Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi stressed on the importance of principles in politics while speaking at Lady Sriram College here on Friday.

"Unprincipled politics is about the most dangerous things in the world," said the visiting leader, who graduated from the college with a degree in politics in 1964.

Addressing students who were thinking of taking up politics as a career, she said: "If you cannot keep to principled politics, get out of politics while you are still unblemished."

Stating that principled politics was not easy, she said that it opened you to many dangers and much criticism. Admitting that in politics you have to compromise, she pointed out that compromise did not necessarily mean giving up on your principles.

"The need to compromise should be the part of the principles of politics," she said.

Suu Kyi said it was like a homecoming for her to be able to return to the college. She felt that aspirations of all young people, whether in India, or Myanmar, or elsewhere, were the same.

"I feel myself a citizen of India," she said amid applause.