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Sunflower oil ends cat rescue drama

Posted on Nov 16, 10:28AM | IANS

Rescuers in Russia had to use sunflower oil to free a cat whose head got stuck in a car wheel during a mouse hunt, a media report said.

Uzbek the Cat miscalculated his size as he tried to crawl through the wheel when chasing a mouse in his owner's garage in Chelyabinsk region. The cat's head got stuck in the wheel and it howled for help, the Chelyabinsk.ru website reported Thursday.

The cat's owner pushed and pulled his furry companion, but its head was firmly stuck in the wheel's hole. A final effort to saw open the wheel drove the poor animal into a frenzy.

After that, the man had no choice but to take the wheel and its captive to the local rescue team, who, after considering the best way to end the cat's ordeal, smeared its head with sunflower oil.

"After this maneuver, it (the cat's head) popped out of the hole like a cork out of a bottle," the rescuers said.