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New type of e-chip passport to come up in India: EAM

Posted on Nov 15, 06:46PM | UNI

A new type of passport with an electronic chip that will contain a record of cardholder's personal information will be available in the country soon.

The External Affairs Ministry had already called for tenders and six bidders have applied for supply of e-chip, Chief Passport Officer Muktesh K Pardeshi said in a press conference here today.

The Ministry of External Affairs has sought a security clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs for finalising the bidder, he said.

The modern technology will help in improving the safety of passports and also prevent fake passports, he said, adding that strict protection measures will be imposed on the reading of the data, especially finger prints, to ensure the safety of digital information contained in the passport chips.

The new passports will look like the traditional ones but a chip containing information like the cardholder's name, his date of birth, photograph and finger prints will be installed in them, he said.